Frequently Asked Questions

Habitat being a brand new hospitality product, offering a unique experience, we are dedicated to ensure that all your questions and concerns are answered. You will find below the most common questions asked by our guests, which you can reach by topic.

If your question is still unanswered, do not hesitate to contact us and we will be happy to help.

Are there additional charges for accompanying children?

Additional charges are property-specific. We suggest to contact the property directly via the contact details on the property page.

Families and Friends
If I purchase more than 1 Unit, can I spend the credits as I wish, across all the properties I stay at?

No, credits are granted on a week / Unit basis and the amount differs between properties. Each hotel offers its own amount of credit based on Units consecutively spent on property. Moreover, credits need to be consumed during the week the Unit is spent. We suggest to refer to the property pages details on credits per Unit.

Do I need to book more than one unit when traveling with my children and todlers?

Depending on the property and the the type of room offered with the Habitat Pass, families may be able to stay in the same room as their children, using only one Unit. We suggest to contact the property directly via the contact details on the property page.

Families and Friends
Can more than two guests stay in a room redeemed with a Habitat Unit?

Depending on the property, we may be able to accommodate additional guests. We suggest to contact the property directly via the contact details on the property page.

Families and Friends
Can I use my 2-4 week Pass split across different months for a week each and in a different property?

Yes you may spend your units separately, in different hotels and at any point in time so long as they are spent before the expiration of your pass.

Can the customer earn reward points on the Habitat Offer?

No, reservations made through Habitat is not eligible to earn Accor reward points or Airlines Miles. The Sanctuary Club benefits do not apply with this promotion.

Reward Points
Can the customer book a Habitat Unit over the phone?

No, customers can only book the Habitat Unit on the website. Bookings cannot be made through any other channels.

What is included in the Habitat Offer?

Habitat offer includes complimentary daily breakfast for 2 adults.

Can I cancel the booking?

Yes, you may cancel your booking 1 day prior to arrival without any cancellation charge. 100% charge will apply if cancellation is made within 24 hours prior to arrival.

Cancellation & Booking amendments
Can I change the hotel after the booking is made?

Yes, you may cancel and rebook another participating hotel within the same brand, subject to availability.

Cancellation & Booking amendments
If traveling is not possible in the next 12 months, can we extend the validity of the vouchers purchased?

No extensions are allowed at the moment, however, the management will review the extension policy based on travel restrictions and guidelines accordingly, if required.

Can I accumulate my hotel credits and use it on my next trip?

No, hotel credits must be fully utilized during the guest’s stay. The hotel credits cannot be accumulated or kept for the next trip.

How many nights are there in a Unit?

Each Unit comprises a 7-night stay.

How many Units can I purchase?

Up to 4 units per brand will be available for purchase.

Where can I purchase the Habitat Unit?

You may purchase and make payment at gifting.banyantree.com.

If I purchase more than 1 Unit, can I redeem at different hotels?

Yes, you may redeem at different hotels within the same brand.

If I purchase more than 1 Unit of the same brand, can I redeem to stay in different hotels across the different brands?

No, you are not able to redeem the Units across different brands; you can only redeem at the hotels under the same brand that the Unit was purchased from.

What is the validity of the vouchers purchased?

Validity of each purchase is 12 months from the date of transaction, regardless of number of units purchased.

Can I get the full refund if I cancel my purchase?

Yes, if no Units are utilized, and request is made within 90 days from date of transaction, then that purchase is eligible for a refund. However, bank charges incurred will be borne by customer. No, if any Unit in a transaction has been utilized after purchase, the remaining Units in the same transaction are not eligible for a refund. No if the purchase has exceeded 90 days from date of transaction.

Do I get the refund if the voucher is expired before I am able to redeem the units?

No, there will strictly be no refunds for Units that are expired or partially utilized.

Am I able to redeem at more than one hotel if I purchase a Unit?

You may only utilize each Unit at one hotel (i.e. the same hotel for the 7-day period), and redemption at different hotels for the same Unit is not allowed.

Can I transfer my voucher to my family member or friend?

Yes, vouchers purchased are transferable.

Pass ownership transfer