When hotels become your home


The future of travel is extended. People will travel for longer, work from different places, and choose their seasons to live in, throughout the year. Co-create with us your perfect habitat through our simple and open system of units and credits, defined your way.
Every pass gives you access to multiple destinations within your chosen brand.
Each pass is made of 1 to 4 units. 1 unit = 7 nights, with increased savings for each additional unit.
Receive credits with every unit purchased, flexible to your needs.

How it works

PassES of up to 4 Units, multiplE Credits

Book your stays in units, with the choice to hop between properties, 1 unit at a time. Book up to 4 units per brand, and flexibly redeem each unit at different intervals. Credits can be used across a variety of inclusions depending on your purpose of stay.

For all types of travelers (and everyone else)

Some travelers stay with us for months to escape from long winters.
Need a second home for a family sabbatical to work and play from? We have options.
Activate your digital nomad dreams of working from idyllic destinations year round.

Explore the world

With more than 30 destinations across 9 countries, your dream of beachside living, a stroll through the mountains or a round of golf on a weekday afternoon, is within reach.

Your Habitat Awaits