Three brands, unlimited environments


Banyan Tree Hotels

Sanctuaries for the senses

Rediscover the romance of travel as you journey to iconic cities or far flung destinations where authentic, memorable experiences await providing a true appreciation of where you are in the world. Banyan Tree Hotels & Resorts have created locally-infused sanctuaries offering places to rejuvenate the mind, body and soul.

Angsana Hotels

Sensing the moment

For the young at heart, Angsana hotels Inter-twin local chic and vibrant, fun-filled atmospheres. Create opportunities to surprise yourself and create lasting memories, whether you are tasting a local delicacy for the first time, trying out a new activity or forming new friendships.

Cassia Hotels

Live, laugh, love your way

Our Cassia properties, equipped with furnished apartments, are ideal for families and friends seeking places to live and have fun, a few steps away from the sea.